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Handicap Rules & Policies

Handicap Committee

Only CPGA Professional will sign handicap verification forms when they are approved by the Handicap Committee. The Handicap Committee will investigate all players scores. Anyone who requires a signed approved handicap factor will now have to submit a request form to the Handicap Committee for approval. The Handicap Captain will in conjunction with the Pro and the Handicap Committee review all requests. Requests forms will be available in the Pro Shop or below. Please allow at least seven days for review and approval.


Members can request a GAO handicap request form from the Pro Shop staff. The Club Professional will sign off on the members current handicap factor at that time. Handicap verification forms are only good for 15 days from date of issue. The Official 2014 Handicap season for Ontario is April 15th to October 31st. You are required to put in all scores any time you play in season.

What scores are acceptable for posting purposes?

Nearly all scores are acceptable because of the basic premise of the Handicap System; "every player will try his/her best at every hole, in every round regardless of where the round was played." And that all scores are made under the Principals of the Rules of Golf. The following are acceptable scores:

  • 18 holes
  • 13 or more holes
  • Consecutive and non-consecutive nine-hole scores
  • Scores on all courses
  • Scores in all forms of competition: match play, stroke play, team competitions
  • Scores made under the Rules of Golf
  • Scores played with preferred lies (winter rules /"tipping them up")

To input scores for other members or yourself, you will have to login as HANDICAP and use HANDICAP as the password as well. This will allow you to input scores for any members.

In order to correct any score you may have entered incorrectly you will have to call the Pro Shop to have them fix it.

If you have any questions regarding handicap reporting please don't hesitate to contact any member of the Handicap Committee.