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3814 Yonge St
Vineland, ON, L0R 2C0

(905) 562 5641

Member Tee Time Booking Policy

Weekdays Bookings

All members can book any weekday time seven days in advance. Junior members (10-18 category) are restricted to weekday play after 10:00 AM. For example: If a member wanted to book Wednesday at 9:00 AM., they would call the Pro Shop at the opening of the Pro Shop or on-line the previous Wednesday. For a full list of any available times check this website or call the Pro-Shop at 905-562-5641.

Weekend / Holiday Bookings

  • "Gold", "Silver" and intermediate members are eligible for the weekend/holiday ballot system.
  • Only one ballot per group may be submitted in the appropriate box each week. Each category will have it's own coloured ballot. The names of all players in the group must be on the ballot. e.g. Smith +3 is not acceptable.
  • The draw will be done on the Friday prior to the weekend at 6:00 PM. Members who have participated in the ballot can check their allocated times beginning Saturday at the opening of the Pro Shop or online at Members may also fill remaining openings within their category definition. At 3:00 PM Monday Juniors may book remaining tee times available. At the opening of the Pro Shop Monday all remaining tee times will be open to members within their category definition and green fee play.
  • Only "Gold" members will be eligible to play in the first crossover.
  • Only "Gold", "Silver" and intermediate members will be eligible to play in the second crossover.
  • All "Gold" requests for tee-times will be honoured (satisfied) before any "Silver" tee-times are allotted. All "Silver" requests for tee times will be honoured before any intermediate tee times are allotted.
  • Any "Gold" groups that don't get drawn in the first crossover will be guaranteed a morning crossover time until all other groups have missed a morning crossover time. A list will be compiled and posted in the Pro Shop.
  • "Gold" groups who don't get drawn in the first crossover will be inserted into any cancellations prior to the weekend and notified by the Pro Shop. If the group cannot be notified or are not interested in the opening, the next group on the list will be contacted. If the group takes the opening they will no longer be guaranteed a time for the next weekend.
  • Intermediate members will be drawn after all the ballots in the "Silver" box have been drawn.
  • All ballots must have a minimum of two names to be considered a group. The Pro Shop will join up twosomes to best utilize the available times. Singles who want to play on the weekend should notify the Pro Shop prior to the draw so they can be inserted into openings within their category definitions. Singles who wish to show up on a weekend to fill any openings will be able to do so within their category definitions.
  • Any member, who doesn't show up for a weekend tee time without canceling by Thursday noon will forfeit the opportunity for a ballot the next weekend. (Special circumstances will be considered).
  • If a group has a double ballot they will only receive a time after all the other ballots in their respective box have been drawn. (ONLY ONE PERSON PER GROUP SHOULD BE SUBMITTING BALLOTS)
  • In the event your group is not going to use a reserved tee time it is not permitted to give the tee time to another group. The tee time is to be cancelled with the Pro Shop who will make it available to the groups on the waiting list.
  • Trading of tee times between groups who have been drawn for weekend play is permitted within playing restrictions.

For a full list of any available times check this website or call the Pro-Shop at 905-562-5641 X 226