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Members Field Day Eligibility

"Gold", "Silver" & "Bronze" members will be eligible for all Member's Field Days from the time the event is posted. Intermediate members will be allowed to fill any openings beginning with the Monday prior to the event.

All Field Days will be run as simultaneous, but separate Men's and Women's Field Days.

Most events will be capped at 128 golfers.

Men will be allocated 96 golfers (24 groups), and Women will be allocated 32 golfers (eight groups).

Additional registration will become potential alternates.

The registration deadline is the Saturday before the event.

If required, groups will be added or removed based upon Field Day registration or lack of, example: If only 88 men register, and more than 40 women register, then the Women's Field Day would expand two groups to 10 groups, and the Men's Field Day would be reduced by 2 groups to 22 groups.

Any player who shows up and fails to register for a club event before the registration time may be replaced by an alternate. The player will receive a refund of entry fee. Registration time is 30 minutes before the start of the event.

A player who fails to notify the Pro Shop or fails to play in an event for which they have signed, will forfeit entry fee and will be an alternate only in the next event. When canceling from an event, it must be done through the Pro Shop staff.

A player who fails to show up for an event a second time, will be an alternate for one year from that date.

A player who signs for an event and who does not show up, will be billed. Failure to pay will result in no further entry in Club events until payment is made.

After a Draw for an event has been posted, a player who cancels will be replaced by an alternate, if available, and the player who cancelled will be an alternate for the next event, barring extenuating circumstances. Weather is not considered an extenuating circumstance for cancellation.