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3814 Yonge St
Vineland, ON, L0R 2C0

(905) 562 5641

Slow Play

The Pro Shop staff will monitor the golf course for pace of play and have full authority of the Board of Directors.

PACE OF PLAY must be maintained. Falling one or more holes behind the group in front of you is UNACCEPTABLE. Groups should play in a maximum of FOUR HOURS 15 MINUTES.

If your group is out of position on the course you will be given a VERBAL WARNING and instructed to get back in proper position AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

After sufficient time to get back into proper position and your group is still out of position the group will be instructed to pick up and proceed to the next tee. Warning will be reported to the disciplinary committee.

A third time out of position in the same round will result in the group being instructed to leave the golf course.

At the discretion of the disciplinary committee, groups which are repeatedly slow may LOSE TEE OFF PRIVILEGES.